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Other Interesting Sites

Archives of Opera L
The Archives of the Opera L list which make for fascinating reading. Searches on old recordings and various singers often produce some surprises!
Another site that combines many types of information and is indispensable for opera and diva lovers.
Coloratura Sopranos
Created by this site's co-writer, John Carroll, Coloratura Sopranos is truly a sister site to Legacy of the Diva.  It includes a fascinating collection of photos, autographs, as well as discographic information.  Site has special tributes to Ingeborg Hallstein and Beverly Sills and a useful listing of recordings of the arias of the Queen of the Night.  Be sure to visit often.
Composers and their works
Biographical info on Composers and their works.
Giovanni Pacini Site
A wonderful new site devoted to the life and works of Giovanni Pacini. Hosted by Dan Foley, a contributer to Diva Legacy.
Historical Tenor Site
Another superb resource starting page. Not only some fascinating and in-depth coverage of tenors but also a link page that will lead you all over the place.
Mariella Devia Fan Page
Another one that needs no explanation.  Just visit it.
Opera Critic
An all in one site that will keep you up to date on current articles, performances and CD releases.  A great site that benefits from daily visits.
Opera Glass
An excellent operatic resource page
Parterre Box
Infamous and extremely clever.  Once an underground gay publication, this online site offers some of the best of its many past issues as well as current gossip.  If you like some (often brutally honest) humor served up with your opera you must not miss this.  Huge site.
Placido Domingo
OK, so he is not a diva.  A fabulous site for a wonderful singer.  Check it out and be prepared to spend a number of hours.
Soprano Central!
Craig Ross has done a wonderful job with this site.  Any lover of sopranos should be sure to bookmark this and return often.
The Joan Sutherland Society of Sydney
The Joan Sutherland Society of Sydney is a site that is responsible for helping young singers in propelling their artistic careers. Do check it out.
One of the best search engines to help you find what you are looking for.
Yahoo Group: Coloratura
Started by this site's contributor, John Carroll, in 2000, this is a sister site to Legacy of the Diva. Be sure to join and contribute to the discussions.
Yma Sumac Homepage and Archives
Huge official site of photos, information and memorabilia of the Peruvian songstress.  Strongly recommended to all visitors.

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